EA FC 24 Moments Bugged, Shuffleboard Fix

EA FC 24 Moments are a set of dynamic objectives that players can complete to earn rewards. These objectives are based on real-world events and performances from current and former players. But, based on our experience, EA FC 24 Moments challenges come with many bugs. At this moment, the “Come back King” and “Shuffleboard” are challenges that are proving to be quite troublesome for EA FC 24 players.

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EA FC 24 Moments Bugged, Shuffleboard Fix
EA FC 24 Moments Bugged, Shuffleboard Fix

How to fix EA FC 24 Shuffleboard Moment Bug

There are two Moments that seem to be causing the most frustration for EA FC24 players. The first one is Come back King where you have to win the match and concede 0 goals. But, you start the match being down with 1 goal. The Moment counts that goal as you have conceded goals and fails the challenge. Unfortunately, we don’t have any solution for this bug, we have to wait for developers to patch it.

For the second one, Shuffleboard, we found a solution thanks to comments on reddit posts. For the part where you have to score a goal with a flair shot – you need to score 2 flair shots instead of one. Just repeatedly complete until you get a check mark. That’s how it worked for us.

EA FC 24 Moments Explained

Moments are divided into different tiers of difficulty, ranging from Easy to World Class. The higher the difficulty, the more Stars you will earn for completing the objective. To complete a Moment, you must first add the required players to your squad. You can use your own players or loan players from the Moments gallery. Once you have added the required players, you can start the Moment. The objective for each Moment varies – it could be anything from scoring a goal to winning a match. Once you’ve fulfilled the objective, the Moment is considered completed and you’ll be awarded Stars.

Moments are a great way to earn rewards and improve your skills in EA FC 24. Stars can be exchanged for different rewards in the Moments gallery like players, packs, and other items. They are also a fun way to relive iconic moments from the world of football.

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