Easter Egg Bunny Parts - Mauer Der Toten Cold War

Mauer Der Toten Cold War Easter Egg Bunny Parts are a kind of collectible that you can find in order to unlock a special area and earn rewards. There are six of the Easter Bunny parts all over the map, and a few of them are in very difficult-to-see places. You really have to go looking for them, which can be pretty difficult in the chaos of Zombies. That’s why we’ve put together our Easter Egg Bunny Parts – Mauer Der Toten Cold War guide to show where to find their locations.

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easter egg bunny parts mauer der toten cold war
Easter Egg Bunny Parts – Mauer Der Toten Cold War

Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg Bunny Parts Locations

There are six Easter Egg Bunny parts locations in Mauer der Toten in COD Cold War that you have to find in order to unlock the special area. They’re scattered all across the map, as I’ve said, but they do seem to spawn in the same places each time. So, here’s a list of all the places you’ll need to visit to find the Easter Bunny parts.

  • On the edge of one of the brown couches in the Bar off East Berlin Streets, next to the Cola machine.
  • On one of the shelves in the Grocery Store off Main Street, next to the brown bottles.
  • In the Alley area, in a corner behind a stack of tires.
  • On a shelf in the Department Store, between some bowls and a large mixer, under several old cameras.
  • In Hotel Room 304, near the spawn location, on the writing desk with a green top in the corner.
  • In the Sewer Access area, on the ground among a bunch of garbage, next to the wall with the “End This” graffiti.

Every time you find a COD Cold War Mauer der Toten Easter Egg Bunny part location, just pick them up by interacting with them. Once you have all six of them, you’ll be teleported into the secret disco. As soon as the bass drops, hordes of zombies will attack. You have to fight through three waves, after which you climb onto the stage and open one of the three doors to collect your rewards.

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