Elder Faerie Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

Who is Elder Faerie Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom? The latest upcoming Cookie to be added to CRK, Elder Faerie Cookie is a Super Epic Cookie that is set to arrive as part of the next update. He is of a Defensive type and his position is in the Front. If you are wondering about this Cookie, including the best Toppings for Elder Faerie Cookie, here’s everything that we currently know about him.

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Elder Faerie Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom
Elder Faerie Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom Elder Faerie Cookie

The description for this character reads as follows: “Elder Faerie Cookie has walked this Earthbread for eons, standing at the very core of countless cycles of birth and destruction that have shaped this world. Only hushed whispers of his origins are passed down as legends. His sole purpose is to contain the ancient and malevolent forces that threaten to escape at any moment. His will and power are imbued within the seal—a vital source of life for the Silver Tree to grow.”

Elder Faerie Cookie’s first apperance was during the Secrets of the Silver Kingdom update, where he was an NPC. As you can see from his name and apperance, he is modeled after classical depictions of faeries from folklore. That is, an immortal being that stands as a guardian of magical territories. Also, as his name translates from the original Korean into “Fairy King Cookie”, this also provides another insight into his role and duty. As for which toppings are the best ones for him, this is something that we still don’t know – since he hasn’t been released yet. Though, as soon as that happens, we are going to play around with him to see which ones work best for Elder Faerie Cookie and we will be updating this article as soon as we know more.

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