Enshrouded Change Difficulty Settings

If you’re wondering how to change the difficulty in Enshrouded, you’re not alone. Enshrouded is an interesting blend of an action RPG and survival crafting games that takes the best of both worlds and fills in the gaps to make an engaging experience. And while the community almost unanimously agree that the game is great, there’s one major problem. Namely, Enshrouded is currently too easy! Hence, many players want to know if you can change the difficulty setting to the hard mode. Read on as we share everything you need to know.

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Enshrouded Change Difficulty Settings
Enshrouded Change Difficulty Settings

Can You Change Difficulty in Enshrouded to Hard?

So, where to find the difficulty settings in Enshrouded? Let’s not waste your time, so here’s the answer. No, unfortunately, it is not possible to change the difficulty in Enshrouded. It’s a rather strange decision for a game of this type. This wouldn’t be an issue for many players if the game was a well-balanced experience that posed a challenge without being frustrating. However, at the time of writing, the game is simply too easy and poses no challenge. This has been an issue since the game’s demo became available back in October 2023. One of the first things many players immediately noticed was that enemies are simply too weak and undertuned, and that AI behaviour is not exactly good. Naturally, despite being a well-designed game, the easy difficulty makes the whole package simply boring for a lot of players.

“After 10 hours, I haven’t come across anything remotely challenging as a solo player, even venturing into areas above my level,” says Reddit user Infidel-Art. “I don’t feel like I need to upgrade or buff my character to improve my chances of survival, but rather to kill things with slightly less effort than I already do.” For now, there are, unfortunately, no options to make things harder. A silver lining here is that the developers are aware of the issue and are planning on adding difficulty options in one of the future updates. However, at the time of writing, we don’t have any information on when exactly the developers are planning to add options to change the difficulty in Enshrouded. Hopefully, it will be as robust as it is in games like Palworld.

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