Equip Pixel Sword and Shield Disney Dreamlight Valley

If the game is not registering that you’ve equipped Pixel Sword and Shield Disney Dreamlight Valley, you are not alone! The new update has brought Vanellope, and with her, her story and friendship quests. Read on as we explain where to find Mystical Sword and how to equip Pixel Sword and Shield.

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Equip Pixel Sword and Shield Disney Dreamlight Valley

Find a Mystical Sword in the Forest of Valor Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you unlock Vanellope in the DreamSnaps update, you will start working on her story quests. However, equally exciting is her Friendship questline. Namely, after you chatter around with a bunch of characters, at one point, you will be tasked to find a mystical sword in the Forest of Valor. The sword is not marked on the map, and the location is not the same for everyone. However, luckily, it’s rather easy to spot. The item is actually called “Pixel Sword and Shield”, and it is rather distinguishable once you spot it. Check out our image so that you know what you are looking for.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Equip Pixel Sword and Shield Not Detecting Bug

Once you grab the sword, it will become an item called “Clothing Bag” in your inventory. It’s a blue bag icon. Find it, interact with it, and it will be added to your wardrobe. The item in the wardrobe has the name “Pixel Sword and Shield”. Find it in your wardrobe and equip it. By doing this, you have completed the task!

Unfortunately, there currently seems to be a bug related to this task. Namely, many players report that the game doesn’t register when you equip Pixel Sword and Shield in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Hence, the Vanellope friendship quest doesn’t progress. At the time of writing, there doesn’t seem to be a solution for this glitch. Nevertheless, we will update the article if we find one. Do you know of a workaround? Share it with us in the comments section!

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    Rachel Peters

    Going into the castle will fix the issue of the game not registering that you’ve equipped Pixel Sword and Shield.

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      Your comment saved me! Thank you!

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