Errors & Problems - Failed to Host Lobby, Crashes, Freezing - Call of Duty Black Ops 4

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has been released today, and a lot of people are already complaining about it not working properly. There have been performance problems, crashes, freezing, low framerates, and error messages like failed to host lobby. Some of them can be avoided, while others are more serious and will require the developer’s attention. In this article, we’re going to list all the COD Black Ops 4 errors & problems we’ve seen mentioned so far, how to avoid or fix them if possible.

cod black ops 4 errors problems freezing crashes failed to host lobby
COD Black Ops 4 Errors & Problems – Failed to Host Lobby, Crashes, Freezing

Failed to host lobby in COD BO4

A lot of people have been reporting getting this one. There’s a bunch of stuff you could try, but none of it is guaranteed to succeed. It seems like a server issue, but you can try restarting the game, your console/PC, the network equipment you have (router, modem, etc). If you’re on PC, you could also try using a different DNS or running as an administrator. Make sure Windows is updated, and also try repairing the game through the client.

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COD BO4 crashes, freezing, performance issues

There have been complaints about poor performance across all platforms. Sometimes they’re tied to a specific map, other times they’re global. There’s nothing you can do about this except verifying game data or reinstalling, and even that is not guaranteed to solve the issue. You’ll just have to wait for a patch.

COD BO4 high ping, lag spikes

A handful of players have reported having really high ping and experiencing lag spikes. The servers are apparently taking a beating – it seems Activision didn’t expect the game to be this popular at launch. You’ll just have to wait for them to upgrade their infrastructure.

UI Error 21673

This one’s pretty specific – it happens when you try to play local coop on the PC version using two gamepads. There’s no known way around it yet, and most people haven’t had luck running split screen with keyboard and mouse for one player and a gamepad for the other.

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