Eyes in the Dark Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Disney Dreamlight Valley Pride of the Valley Update is here, and it brings two new awesome characters – Nala and Simba! Once you open The Lion King Realm, you will immediately meet Nala and start the realm quest “Eyes in the Dark”. In this guide, we explain the Nala quest step-by-step and provide the necessary info in order to clear up any confusion.

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Eyes in the Dark Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley Nala Quest Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley Eyes in the Dark Nala Quest Guide

Once you enter The Lion King Realm, you’ll meet Nala and start the Eyes in the Dark quest. She’ll try to scare you at first, as she’ll think that you are one of the hyenas from the pack that has been following her for quite some time. However, you’ll quickly explain who you really are and she’ll tell you that she doesn’t want to eat you. You’ll learn that she lost Simba on their journey and ask you for help in order to reunite with him. The very first step here is to fend off the pack of hyenas somehow. For this, you’ll need to dig out dried thorn bushes nearby in order to find some Thorn Bush Seeds. That’s a rather easy step, simply use your shovel and dig the bushes around you until you have 5x Thorn Bush Seeds.

The next step in the Eyes in the Dark quest is to plant these seeds in the holes near the ledge in the dried-out oasis, and then water them until they grow. This is also a rather self-explanatory task. We advise you to use the Miracle Growth Elixir to water the seeds, as they will grow instantly. Congratulations, you have successfully held off the pack of hyenas! After you finish talking with Nala, use the pickaxe to clear some tree stumps blocking the entrance to the cave leading to the jungle.

Finally, once on the other side, you will need to find a way to lower the log near the waterfall in Disney Dreamlight Valley, for which we have a separate guide. For now, we stop here; it’s important to note that this “Eyes in the Dark” guide is a work in progress. Hence, we will continue updating it until we complete it.

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