Fall Guys Spartan Showdown Release Date, Time & Halo Event Skins

In our Fall Guys Spartan Showdown Release Date, Time & Halo Event Skins guide, we’re going to share all the info we have about the crossover. We’re going to show you when the event is going to begin and how long it’s going to last, as well as what you can expect to see in it and the rewards you’ll be able to earn.

fall guys spartan showdown release date time & halo event skins
Fall Guys Spartan Showdown Release Date, Time & Halo Event Skins

Fall Guys Spartan Showdown Release Date & Time

The release date of the Fall Guys Spartan Showdown Halo event is Thursday, June 30th, but the exact time is still unknown. What we do know is that it will only last for five days, ending on Monday, July 4th. Every level in the event will have its own 117-inspired variation, and each level will also feature its own “Helmet to collect that counts toward your event challenges,” according to the official announcement. Plus, it appears that the match finale is going to be Blast Ball, aka the thing where people throw exploding balls at each other until only one emerges alive.

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Fall Guys Halo Event Skins

The full list of skins you’ll be able to earn from the Fall Guys Spartan Showdown Halo event has not yet been revealed; I assume we’ll have to wait until the show kicks off before we see them all. As we’ve covered in our How to Get Master Chief in Fall Guys guide, some of the items that are visible in the promo material include the Master Chief skin, the Arbiter skin, the Grunt Skin, and the cat-eared Spartan Helmet. The announcement we’ve linked above also mentions a Spartan-117 nickname, Brute costume and Grunt emote, as well as the “prices” for some of the items, as listed below.

  • Spartan at Heart (Nickname) – 100 Points
  • 200 Kudos – 200 Points
  • SPARTAN (Nameplate) – 500 Points
  • AI Construct (Pattern) – 700 Points
  • Purrfect Helmet – Upper (Costume) – 1000 Points
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