FF7 Rebirth Demo Part 2, Junon Update Release Date

In our FF7 Rebirth Demo Part 2, Junon Update Release Date guide, we are going to show you when the Junon update is coming out. We will also briefly discuss whether any of the progress you make in part 2 is going to carry over to the full game, and more. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

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ff7 rebirth demo part 2 junon update release date
FF7 Rebirth Demo Part 2, Junon Update Release Date

When is FF7 Rebirth Demo Part 2 – Junon Update Coming Out?

According to this video from the Square Enix Twitter account, the release date of part 2 of the FF7 Rebirth demo, aka the Junon update, will launch on Wednesday, February 21st, 2024. The same video mentions that the second part will be released as an update. We don’t know at exactly what time, unfortunately. You’ll only be able to access the Junon area after you complete the Nibelheim portion of the demo. Keep in mind that the version of Junon you’ll see in the demo has been “altered to make the content more compact.” Therefore, as we’ve covered in a previous guide, no progress from that area will carry over to the full game.

So, yeah, that’s the release date of part 2 of the FF7 Rebirth demo, or the Junon update. While we’re on the subject of what carries over, all of the progress you make in Nibelheim will tranfer to the full game. Also, if you play the demo, you can get two items in the full feature: the Kupo Charm (increases the amount of resources extracted) and the Survival Set (contains potions, elixirs, etc). All you have to do to earn thee things is to have a save of the demo on your PlayStation when the full game comes out. Which, reminder, is going to be on Thursday, February 29th, 2024. Just don’t expect the Junon region to be anything much like it was in the demo. I’m sure exploring on chocobos will be part of it, but I’d wager there’s a lot more coming.

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