FFXIV Alkonost Mount, How to Get Alkonost Whistle

One of the reasons why MMORPGs are one of the most popular gaming genres is due to the fact that they are constantly updated. These updates result in a regular stream of new content. Of course, FFXIV is no different in this regard. Its recent 6.1 patch saw a lot of new things get added to this already huge game. One of these new things that were included is the Alkonost Mount. Though, to be able to get it, you will first need to obtain the Alkonost Whistle. We will show you how to get the Alkonost Whistle so that you can receive the Alkonost Mount in FFXIV.

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FFXIV Alkonost Mount, How to Get Alkonost Whistle

How to Get Alkonost Mount in FFXIV

The process of getting the Alkonost Mount in FF14 starts with getting Resplendent Feathers. This is an entire and long process in itself, so we recommend that you read our How to Get Resplendent Feathers guide. You need to get at least three Resplendent Feathers. Once you have this amount of feathers (and this can take a lot of time to do, so be prepared to do a lot of grinding for that item), go to Radz-at-Han. You’re looking for Nesvaaz, the NPC that can be found at these coordinates – X: 10.6 / Y: 10.0.

After exchanging the three Resplendent Feathers, you will get the Alkonost Whistle. Look for it in your inventory and use it. By doing this, you will get the Alkonost Mount and add it to your mount list. This mount has a really interesting and unique look and you will definitely enjoy riding it around. Its description states: “Captured in the Bozjan wilderness, this creature was passed around as a curiosity before eventually being released again. From the start, it seemed unperturbed in the presence of men, leading some to believe it was trained by an imperial beastmaster.”

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