FFXIV Fashion Report Padded Pier Sitter

This week’s FFXIV fashion report has arrived, and the brief asks for a Padded Pier Sitter outfit. The name implies it should be something you wear while fishing. The problem is that very often these clues are more a hindrance than help. If you are new to the fashion report or need some clues, we can assist. Read on as we give our guidance on the Final Fantasy XIV Fashion Report for the Padded Pier Sitter.

FFXIV Fashion Report Padded Pier Sitter
FFXIV Fashion Report Padded Pier Sitter

The fashion report is a weekly event in Final Fantasy Online. It involves a trip to the Golden Saucer, where you can speak with the Masked Rose. He will give you a brief that changes every week. Your job is to dress in the items that best fit his request. The closer you are to his goal, the higher the points you score.

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The brief has an overarching theme. This is then broken down into individual parts of the body. Each will have its own mini brief. This theme for this week is a Padded Pier Sitter.

FFXIV Fashion Report Clues

Wild Side is the clue for items placed on the head. For this, outdoor, explorer type headwear is the best bet. The Anemos Hat, Gyuki Leather Hat, Wrangler’s Hat and Gaganaskin Hat of Aiming could all be possible fixes.

Cooking Up a Storm is the cue for this week’s body. For this, chef items are the obvious choice. Any Augmented/Galleykeep’s, Galleymaster’s or Galleyking’s Whites, are a good choice. The Culinarian’s Apron may also be a solution.

Hands are the hardest to work out for this FFXIV fashion report, and give the clue C’est Chic. This means you need to get your claws out. False Nails or Nails of the Beast could help you score.

The last time this clue was used, Beast Tribe Armor was the way to go.  Gear like Ehcatl Wristgloves and Kote of the Blue comes from them and could score highly.  Claws of the Beast or Werewolf Arms could work. It’s also possible that it might be war-related gear like Fighter’s Gauntlets, Warrior’s Gauntlets and Ravager’s Chains.

Legs give the clue with More Beast than Man. For this, the Beast Tribe gear should work again. You might also try any furred legwear and see if it scores well or not. If you come up with any winning solutions, please leave them in the comments below.

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