FIFA 22 TOTY Warmup Series Release Time & Date

FIFA 22 TOTY is almost upon us, and the release date & time of its warmup series is here. Though details are scarce, the warmup will get people ready for the huge event next week. Team of the year has been voted for by players of the game. It results in the creation of an ultimate squad built from the best players of the previous year. Read on as we discuss the FIFA 22 TOTY warmup start time and date.

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FIFA 22 TOTY Warmup Series Release Time & Date
FIFA 22 TOTY Warmup Series Release Time & Date

FIFA 22 TOTY Warmup Series Start Time & Date

The warm-up series will start on January Friday 14th. This is in the run-up to the TOTY extravaganza next week. Expectations are that the promotion will arrive at 6 pm GMT time on the stated day. So far there have been no leaks and EA have been quiet on the details.

What you can expect is that EA won’t hold back on the goodies they have in store. Last year for the event they released promo cards for the nominated players. Along with this, you can expect that upgrades to players will happen, promotional packs will be released and plenty of SBCs will be on offer. There have been 80 nominees in total. Categories are attackers, midfielders, defenders, and goalkeeper positions.

At the time of writing, voting for the competition is still open. This means you can still cast a vote for your favourite players over the last year. To celebrate, EA is also giving away the chance to win a PS5 to anyone who votes. You will also get to choose one of your top players from the team of the year for your own squad. Voting will end on January 17th as will the chance to take part in the competition, so head over quickly. 

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