FIFA 22 Winter Wildcards Magloire SBC

Winter Wildcards have been announced for FIFA 22, and a Magloire SBC is the first to arrive. These squad-building challenges allow players to swap out excess cards from their teams with other, more useful ones. Winter Wildcards is a special holiday promotion, giving new cards to selected players. This week is Tyler Magloire of Blackburn Rover’s with his first special card in FIFA 22. Read on as we discuss how to get the Winter Wildcards Magloire in FIFA 22.

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FIFA 22 Winter Wildcards Magloire SBC
FIFA 22 Winter Wildcards Magloire SBC

The Winter Wildcards challenge started on December 20th at 6 pm. It brings a host of new cards to past, present, and future players from FUT. Magloire is the first to arrive and has gained a huge upgrade. You only have until December the 27th until this expires.

Tyler Magloire FIFA 22 – How to Complete Winter Wildcards SBC

There are a number of upgrades on the Winter Wildcards version of Magloire compared to his gold version. Passing (+33) defending, (+23), dribbling (+28), and shooting (+20) all get a boost. Pace gets a small boost at (+2) as well. This means all his stats bar shooting are above 71. In addition to this, he gets a boost to Skill Moves 4* and Weak Foot 4*. To get Magloire you need to fulfill the SBC requirements below.


  • One player from England minimum
  • One player minimum from a team of the week
  • Minimum team rating of 83
  • Minimum team chemistry of 80

Top Form

  • Minimum 1 player from the team of the week
  • Minimum team rating 85
  • Minimum team chemistry 70

FIFA 22 is available on all the major platforms, and this event is open to all consoles. This includes PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. PC gamers can play via Steam. New Winter Wildcards will be available as the month goes on, so check back for updates.

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