Find Vortex Dave the Diver Klaus Location

While Dave the Diver is usually a pretty chill game, there are several notable difficulty spikes in it. One of these comes in the form of Klaus. This powerful Great White Shark can give unprepared players a very hard time, but you need to beat it to complete “Revenge Time”. But before you can even fight Klaus, you will first need to find the location of the Vortex in Dave the Diver. Since this is a difficult process in itself, we are going to show you not just where and how to get to the Vortex, but also how you can defeat Klaus as well.

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Find Vortex Dave the Diver Klaus Location
Find Vortex Dave the Diver Klaus Location

Find the Vortex Dave the Diver Great White Shark Klaus Location

This is a quest that you will get from Clara. This little old lady wants to get revenge on the shark that killed her husband by creating a whirlpool that claimed his life. Naturally, the first step towards accomplishing this is finding where this whirlpool – or vortex – is. Look for it on the far right of the map. Also, you need to be aware that Klaus only appears on stormy nights, so you should wait until the appropriate weather and time of day before going out to look for it. The Vortex is at around 25 meters average depth, but we have also found it as low as 50 meters. Once you have found it, interact with it and you will be sucked into it to battle Klaus.

How to Beat Klaus Dave the Diver

You should only do this if you are fully prepared for a very difficult fight. This means getting as many upgrades to your gear and weapons as you can. It has a very fast attack, so try and be under it so that you can get a couple of hits while it is lunging. Also, the floor of the arena has several very useful items such as additional ammo and oxygen. Don’t forget to get these. Don’t worry, while you may not beat Klaus on the first try, you’ll definitely be able to do so after a few tries.

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