Fire Emblem Engage Master Seal, When to Promote Units

In our Fire Emblem Engage Master Seal, When to Promote Units, we are going to explain when to promote your units in the game, as well as how to get and use the Master Seal. Well, Master Seals. These items allow you to get your units up to Advanced Classes, which have their own benefits. It’s an important mechanic, so let’s break it down.

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fire emblem engage master seal when to promote units
Fire Emblem Engage Master Seal, When to Promote Units

Fire Emblem Engage When to Promote Units

You should only promote units in Fire Emblem Engage using the Master Seals once they reach level 20. Every unit excluding thieves has the capacity to get up to that level, at which point getting further XP for it becomes useless. Then, and only then, should you invest a Master Seal to power them up further. Now, it’s true that you can start using the Master Seals on units starting at level 10. That, however, is not necessarily the best strategy. That way, you get the most out of what they have to offer. They will reach their best for free, because there are infinite opportunities to grind XP. And once you turn them into an Advanced Class, it takes more work to level them up.

How to Get and Use Master Seals in Fire Emblem Engage

To get and use Master Seals in Fire Emblem Engage, you can either earn them at specific points in the story (as drops from certain enemies or chests) or purchase them from the shop in the Somniel. They’re pretty pricey at 2,500 Gold each, but they’re worth it. The only problem is that the shop will have limited amounts of Master Seals, but it will restock at Chapters 13 and 17. Then, from chapter 18, the store will sell infinite Master Seals.

As for how you use the Master Seals, go into your inventory. Find and pick the character you want to promote, then select “Change Class.” That’s all there is to it. Before we wrap up, a side note: While we do recommend you use a Master Seal to promote units only after they reach level 20, it’s not as imperative as in previous games. If you choose to promote at level 10, it’s still a valid choice.

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