Forsaken Easter Egg Guide - Black Ops Cold War

In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, there is a very interesting and fun Forsaken Easter Egg. However, getting this particular Easter Egg is very hard to pull off, since you will need to do several things in precise order. But if you want to see the conclusion to the Dark Aether storyline, you will definitely want to jump through all of these hoops so you can get this Easter Egg to trigger. In this Forsaken Easter Egg Guide – Black Ops Cold War guide, we explain all the steps you will be required to take for this particular Easter Egg.

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Forsaken Easter Egg Guide - Black Ops Cold War

How to Get the Forsaken Easter Egg in CoD: Black Ops Cold War

As soon as you begin the game, run to the teleporter to start it. This will begin a 30 second countdown. Once that’s done, go through the teleporter. In this next area, follow the objectives until you reach the second teleporter. The goal in this new area is to collect four parts from the following locations: video store, cinema, TV store, and Burger Town. There are several spawn points for these parts in each of the areas. For the Video Store, the Circuit Board part can appear on top of a box under the stairs, on a shelf next to the stairs, or on a box across the shelf. In the Cinema, we will be looking for the Focusing Lens. It can spawn on the mannequin by the entrance, behind the counter in the lobby, or on the bench in the same room.

The Cathode-Ray Tube part is, appropriately, in the TV Store. It can be on the left shelf between two TVs, on a tray next to the hole in the wall, or on the shelf behind the counter. Finally, Burger Town, where the Fryer Cage can be found. The first spawn point is below the USA flag, the second is next to the Cola Soda machine, and the third is inside the glass case in front of the machine. With all four parts, you can fix the teleporter and proceed to the next location. Quickly run to the next teleporter here. When you activate it, an Abomination will spawn. When you kill it, enter the teleporter to get to the Observation Tower. You need to press a button here, and next to the windows there is another red button. A cutscene will play, and you will find yourself elsewhere.

Get the Chrysalax in CoD: Black Ops Cold War

What you need to do here is to start getting the Chrysalax, which you will need for this portion. There are several ways you can acquire this weapons: Chrysalax Quest, Mystery Box, Trials, and Der Eisendrache arcade machine. Next, go to the Bunker Entrance teleporter to go to the Fuel Processing area. Activate a tank here. If you are playing with a team, everyone will need to activate a different tank, and if you are solo, just one will be enough. Kill the zombies until the tanks fill up and a Fuel Tank will appear. Pick it up. For the next step, wait until an Abomination spawns. Go to the Board Room and lead the Abomination here. You will see a big Housing Unit high on the wall.

The trick here is that you will need to get the Abomination to charge at you and knock this down. This can take a few tries until you get it right. Find a Pack-a-Punch machine and upgrade a standard weapon with Dead Wire. This costs 2,000 points. Next, make a zombie follow you into the Arcade. When it’s near the Activision Grand Prix arcade machine, shock it with the Dead Wire. This should jump-start the machine. You can now use it to get an RC-XD, again for 2,000 points. Remote control this and go to the TV Store. The little car will be able to go inside a vent that is behind the counter. Jump on the boxes near the shelves in this room. This should knock the shelf over and expose a new part. With your character, go here and pick up the Monitoring Device.

Find the Three Crystal Shards

These crystal shards are in the following locations: Amplifier, Starting Area, and the Storage Zone 5 on the rooftop. Each crystal is protected by floating orbs, and you can only defeat these with the Chrysalax. When the orbs are killed, use the Chrysalax on the Crystals themselves. Pick up the Crystal Shard. When you have done this at each Crystal, an Abomination will spawn. You need to throw the Crystal Shard in the Abomination’s mouth. If done correctly, its tail will glow orange. Now, when you kill the Abomination, it will drop a Catalyzed Crystal Shard. Do this after you get each Crystal Shard, as you need three Catalyzed Crystal Shards.

Craft the Neutralizer & Defeat the Forsaken

Now that you have all the parts, craft the Neutralizer on the Workbench in Main Street. The Neutralizer will create a forcefield bubble around it. Stay inside of it and periodically destroy Crystals outside of it to get the fuel it needs. It will lead you to a door. Once you open it, the battle against the Forsaken will begin. Go underneath the Ring of Fire below Maxis and kill zombies in that ring to fill up the Essence level. Do this on both sides of the map. Take out the Forsaken’s shoulder pad armor. Mount the gun you just charged with the Essence and shoot at the Forsaken’s exposed weak spot (the shoulders). Repeat this entire process several times – the Forsaken will have different weak spots – until you defeat it.

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