Forza 5 Double Up Treasure Hunt, 200 Miniature Painter Hats

A new Thursday, and we all know what that means. That’s right, new Forza 5 challenges for players to undertake. This time around, a particular Treasure Hunt called “Double Up” has many players confused and wondering about what they need to do in order to complete it. The Treasure Clue in question is very cryptic: “Special Offer! Buy a new upgrade and get 200 miniature painter hats for your Gremlins!” So, what does this mean? Well, to find out the solution to this riddle, you will need to read our Forza 5 Double Up Treasure Hunt, 200 Miniature Painter Hats guide for the answer.

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Forza 5 Double Up Treasure Hunt, 200 miniature painter hats

Double Up Treasure Hunt Forza Horizon 5, 200 Miniature Painter Hats For Your Gremlins

To solve this Treasure Hunt, you will first need to get the AMC Gremlin X 1973. If you do not already have this model car, go and purchase it first. It costs 35,000 CR, so it isn’t a huge expense to buy it. The “200 miniature painter hats” in the clue refers to the abbreviation for this phrase. Meaning that you need to get to 200 MPH (or 322 kilometers per hour) in this model car. Get in this car and head on over to the Motorway. You need a nice straight line that will allow you to get up to that speed. The car itself is a bit difficult to control, but simply drive in a straight line at top speed and you should be able to surpass 200 MPH.

Once you have accomplished that, the Treasure Challenge portion will be complete. The Treasure Chest itself is in Guanajuato. Travel there. It is in the tunnel in the town, you will see it as soon as you have fast travelled there. Ram into it and you will finish the Double Up Treasure Hunt. Not to mention, you will also get your reward: the Painter Hoodie epic clothing.

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