Forza 5 Hot and Sandy Treasure Hunt

Another Thursday, and we all know what that means – it’s time for a brand-new Treasure Hunt in Forza Horizon 5. These Treasure Hunts present some of the most rewarding – as well as challenging – activities you can undertake in FH5. Each TH is unique, and the reason why many of them are so difficult to do is that they present little puzzles that the player must figure out first. This time around, the Forza 5 Hot and Sandy Treasure Hunt has a clue that reads: “EVs blaze through the sand and deliver a gold star rated service.” But what does this mean? Read on to find out.

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Forza 5 Hot and Sandy Treasure Hunt

How to Complete the Hot and Sandy Treasure Hunt in Forza Horizon 5

To begin with, let’s analyze the clue itself. The “blaze”, and “sand and deliver” can only mean one thing – that you need to complete the Sand and Deliver Trailblazer. But, that’s not all. The very beginning of the clue also points us towards another prerequisite for this challenge. Namely, the “EVs” part. This means that we need to select a fully electric car in order to complete this Treasure Hunt. To do this, we have selected the Concept Two 2019 Rimac, but you can do it in any fully electric vehicle, such as a Porche Taycan Turbo S, or any Extreme E vehicle.

Once you have finished the Sand and Deliver Trailblazer, you will receive a notification that you have successfully completed this challenge. All that’s left now is to find and open the Treasure Chest. The game will mark a large area around the Baja California Trail. To save you the time you would have needed to spend driving around and looking for it, we have marked the exact spot where you need to go here. It is next to a small house, hidden behind a cart. Simply drive into it and you will have completed the Hot and Sandy Treasure Hunt and received your reward.

Hot and Sandy Treasure Chest location
Hot and Sandy Treasure Chest location.
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