Forza 5 Keeps Crashing Hot Wheels DLC

You have finally installed the Hot Wheels DLC, but Forza 5 keeps crashing during the DLC intro? The new Forza Horizon 5 expansion brings a plentiful of new content, but, unfortunately, it has also come with some issues. Currently, the biggest problem that is plaguing Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels is the fact that the DLC constantly crashes when players try to start the Hot Wheels expedition. If you are experiencing Forza 5 DLC crashing issue during the opening scene as well, here’s what we know about it.

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Forza 5 Keeps Crashing Hot Wheels DLC
Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels DLC Intro Crashes

Forza 5 Hot Wheels Keeps Crashing Solution

We will not beat around the bush here and we will be perfectly honest with you. At the time of writing, there is no clear solution on how to fix this annoying issue. The problem only appears on PC (Steam and the Windows Store). But, it seems that there are no rules why it appears and players currently don’t know what causes this issue. The only semi-workable solution is to switch your graphics settings to Very Low and max fps 60 on the intro, no matter how good your PC is. This should prevent the game from crashing until developers fix the bug. After the intro is completed, you can turn back your graphics to normal settings, but you should know that it still can cause problems.

Nonetheless, you can always perform the basic steps to make sure that everything is alright on your side of things. The first thing you need to check is if you have the newest drivers for your GPU. You can look for the latest drivers either via your GPU software or alternatively, you can download them from the links below:

Often time faulty installation can lead to corrupted or missing files, which can result in crashes. To prevent this, you should Verify the Integrity of Game Files on Steam. Here’s how to do that:

  • Right-click on Forza Horizon 5 in your Steam library
  • Select “Properties…”
  • Select the “Local Files” tab
  • Click on the ” Verify integrity of game files..”
  • Let Steam do it’s work
  • When complete, restart your PC
  • Launch Steam, and start Forza Horizon 5

If none of these solutions helps, try completely uninstalling and then reinstalling the game. Sometimes a fresh installation can fix all the issues. Make sure to restart your PC as well when you uninstall the game before installing it again. If even this doesn’t help with the problem, then the issue is probably a bug or glitch within the game itself, and we will simply need to wait for developers to fix it. AS soon as there’s more information about the problem, we will update the article.

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  1. C

    I experienced the same issue as well 3 times, tbh I thought it was the crazy heat today and my videocard was too hot, good to know it’s probably a bug, that doesn’t make it better, but at least I don’t need to worry straight about a new videocard. It was annoying as hell, cause it was fun for a few seconds, second turn I guess.

    1. B

      Thought the exact same thing about my gpu lol, hope they fix this soon

  2. D
    David Dusenberry

    I got it to work just fine on PC, but on series X hot wheels crashes everytime I attempt to fast travel to the hot wheels expansion

    1. C

      Same here. Works fine on PC but kicks me out of game everytime I try to enter Hot Wheels when playing on series X

  3. J


    So, the FH5 game ran fine until I installed this DLC. I would get a crash every time when attempting to load the game.

    At first attempt, it would try to optimize the system for my PC to run the game, and at 99% it would crash. Anyhow, in Windows 10, if you bought this from the XBOX store, or MS Store, you can remove the DLC. On Windows 10 or 11:

    Right click start button
    Apps & Features. Find Forza Horizon 5 and go to Advanced options, or click the three vertical dots to get to advanced options.

    You will see the ” App add-ons & downloadable content” for this game listed at the bottom. Remove the Hot Wheels DLC.

    Now launch your game, and you should have 100% working Hot Wheels DLC in the game working flawlessly.
    Odd since we just removed it, but it’s there and confirmed working on two of my beast machines.

    Please let me know if my research and info helped you.

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