Forza 5 Tropical Fruits Treasure Hunt, Carting on Electric Wheels

It is the first Thursday since the release of the Hot Wheels DLC in Forza Horizon 5. And that means it’s time for a new treasure hunt! This time around it’s called “Tropical Fruits”. And it comes with a treasure clue that says, “Carting on electric wheels is 5 times better if you have the skill”. What does this mean exactly and what is the challenge for this week? Read on to find out how to complete the Forza Horizon 5 Tropical Fruits treasure hunt!

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Forza 5 Tropical Fruits Treasure Hunt, Carting on Electric Wheels

Tropical Fruits Treasure Hunt Forza Horizon 5 Carting on Electric Wheels

The Forza Horizon 5 developer, Playground, is being extra sneaky with their treasure clue for this week’s treasure hunt. That’s because it is the very first treasure hunt following the release of the Hot Wheels DLC. The clue for this week reads as follows: “Carting on electric wheels is 5 times better if you have the skill”. So, what’s the solution to this puzzle? What challenges do we need to complete in order to get the chest location?

Let’s start with a vehicle. For this challenge, you’ll need the 2022 Extreme E #99 Chip Ganassi Racing GMC Hummer EV. That’s one of the 24 new cars added with the expansion. If you don’t have it, it will cost you 700,000 CR. Some players report that you can use other Extreme E cars, but we can not confirm this. It’s a rather expensive challenge for this week if you ask us. Before going for a challenge, make sure that you are in Horizon Solo. Also, make sure to turn on Rewind, just in case you miss some food carts.

Now, in order to complete this challenge, you will need to go to the Muelege town centre. Check our map above for the exact location. There, you will need to smash five Food Carts. These carts are like colourful stands with fruits. You can check out our image above to know exactly how they look. Simply smash five of these (you will get the Cart Wheels skill pop-up) and the challenge is completed! Now all that has left for you is to check the map for the location of the chest, and go there to grab it!

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  1. G

    I smashed 20 or so fruit carts driving the Rimac in Playa Azul while smashing 20 batteries. Sometime later, when I switched to the Extreme E Hummer and clicked the Treasure Chest filter, the treasure chest showed up in the Gulf at Playa Azul. That explains why there was an excess of fruit carts there. I never touched a cart with the Hummer. It must count the Rimac as a cart.

    1. M

      Ir also worked for me in Playa Azul with the No.44 X44

  2. E
    Eddie B

    You can also unlock the treasure smashing a cart with the Rimac!!

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