Gardenscapes Mini Games Only

Is it possible to play only mini games in Gardenscapes? The popular casual match-3 game has been one of the most popular games since 2016, peaking during the COVID-19 pandemic at 10 million daily active players. Gardenscapes is still massively popular despite the publisher’s somewhat deceptive marketing. In particular, many fans are only interested in its mini-games. Here’s what we know about it.

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Gardenscapes Mini Games Only
Gardenscapes Mini Games Only

Can You Play Only Mini Games in Gardenscapes?

For many of you, the first encounter with Gardenscapes was probably via their weird commercials on YouTube. Like many popular mobile games from the late 2010s and early 2020s, the game was advertised with very strange and specific videos, while the actual gameplay was usually something else. Up until 2020, most of the ads for Gardenscapes were showing various mini games involving mostly pin-puzzle type of gameplay.

However, the actual gameplay had very little to do with these types of levels. Rather, Gardenscapes is your usual match-3 game combined with city-building core gameplay. Or, in this case, garden renovation. The infamous mini-games were in the game. However, they only start appearing after you complete a number of levels (usually after Level 20), and they will randomly occur in between levels. The lack of these Gardenscapes mini games in the early game prompted Facebook and other platforms to ban these misleading ads in early 2020, as requested by the Advertising Standards Agency of the UK.

Nevertheless, these pin mini games are still in the game. And, in fact, they are actually quite popular. Some players even want a game where you will only play these puzzles. Unfortunately, to the best of our knowledge, there’s currently no way to only play mini games in Gardenscapes. They are a part of the game as a whole. Hence, you can only play them between certain levels while you are progressing through the game. Nevertheless, we will keep an eye on it and will update this article if the developers ever release these Gardenscapes Mini Games as a separate game!

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