Get Free BFC Gold Opera Glasses The Fashion Awards 2021 Roblox Event

The Fashion Awards 2021 by the British Fashion Council is underway in Roblox. By participating in this event, you will get the chance to receive the BFC Gold Opera Glasses accessory, as well as the British Fashion Awards 2021 Badge. In order to get these, you will need to do several things, some of which can be difficult to figure out. Our Get Free BFC Gold Opera Glasses The Fashion Awards 2021 Roblox Event guide explains exactly what tasks you will need to complete, as well as where they are on the map.

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Get Free BFC Gold Opera Glasses The Fashion Awards 2021 Roblox Event

How to Get Free BFC Gold Opera Glasses in The Fashion Awards 2021 Roblox Event

To start with, go into the game itself. You can find it via this link. Once you are in the game, you will see that you have five items on your Quest List. Let’s do the first one – “Red Carpet Interview”. Close to the place you spawned in, you will see a red-haired woman. Go and speak with her. Next, go inside the building. Near the entrance is the Metaverse Design Nominees section. Speak with the blonde woman there. After that, proceed to the maze section. What you need to do here is to find and activate the Crystal Heart. It’s not a very difficult maze, so don’t worry about getting lost in there.

Now you need to check out the Fashion Items. They are in large glass showcases next to the stage. Walk over there and interact with any one of them to complete this quest item. Finally, go to the Stage Manager and talk to that character. You can now proceed to the stage. Put on your best clothes and climb up there. There are several spots on the stage, go to each one and strike a pose. After that, you will get the BFC Gold Opera Glasses and the Event Badge as your rewards.

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