How to Get Ger in AUT - A Universal Time

The question of how to get GER in AUT new Universe, also called the Golden Experience Requiem in A Universal Time, has been popping up quite a bit lately. Basically, people want to know how to get this specific Stand in AUT. Well, fortunately for you, this is one of the easier Stands to unlock. All you really need is luck to obtain a specific item. We’ll explain all you need to know in our How to Get GER in AUT – A Universal Time guide.

how to get ger in aut a universal time
How to Get GER in AUT – A Universal Time

How to Get GER in AUT New Universe

To get the GER in AUT New universe, aka the Golden Experience Requiem Stand in A Universal Time, the first step is to get the regular Gold Experience Stand. You can obtain this Stand at random by getting one of the Stand Arrows. These spawn all across the mountains and the beach, in flaming meteorite-like things. They can also drop from the many chests that you can find all over the map, and even purchase it from the shop in the town. As I’ve said, these give you a random stand, so you might not get the one you want. If that happens, go and talk to the Ability Resetter at the bus stop near the par to remove it.Keep trying until you get Gold Experience.

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Once you have the appropriate Stand, the next step is to find the Requiem Arrow to get GER in AUT New Universe, or Golden Experience Requiem in A Universal Time. You can get one of those by opening the different chests scattered all across the map. Each time you open one of them, you have a 9% chance to get the Requiem Arrow, so good luck. if you have a friend who wants to trade with you, maybe you can get them to give you the arrow you need. Either way, when you get Requiem Arrow, make sure to have the Gold Experience Stand, and then use the arrow on yourself. That should unlock the Golden Experience Requiem stand for you.

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