Gingerbread Adopt Me How to Get Gingerbread

Now that the Adopt Me Christmas Update has been released, this extremely popular Roblox title has received a much-needed boost of new content. This includes new pets such as the Ice Golem, Puffin, and Walrus, among others, as well as several new mini-games. Apart from the Ice Golem, which is a Premium Pet that can only be purchased with Robux, to get the other pets, you will need to get Gingerbread, the currency for this event. To help you get a lot of it and fast, our Gingerbread Adopt Me How to Get Gingerbread guide will list out the best methods to acquire it.

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Gingerbread Adopt Me How to Get Gingerbread

How to Get Gingerbread in Adopt Me

There are several ways you can get Gingerbread in Adopt Me. The first of these involves the Present Shuffle mini-game. The goal here is to correctly guess which presents have Gingerbread Men inside of them, and to not select the ones that have coal. This mini-game consists of three rounds, and if you get all of them correct, you will earn 1200 Gingerbread. The game can be played every 20 minutes. The second method also involves the new mini-game – the Pet Rescue. Here, your goal is to free the pet incased in ice before the other team manages to free their pet. If you finish first, you will receive 750 Gingerbread.

The third way is via the ice-skating mini-game. To begin it, talk to Speedy the Penguin. Collect the Gingerbread along the way, and you will also get a bonus of 300 Gingerbread the first time you play this mini-game. You can also get Gingerbread by opening the doors on the Advent calendar. Do this every day to receive Gingerbread and other prizes. Finally, the last way to get Gingerbread in Adopt Me is to purchase it using Robux. 200 Gingerbread costs 20 Robux, 800 Gingerbread costs 80 Robux, 3,000 Gingerbread costs 300 Robux, 7,500 Gingerbread costs 600 Robux, 16,000 Gingerbread costs 1,200 Robux, and 50,000 Gingerbread costs 3,500 Robux.

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