How to Get Huge Hell Rock Pet Simulator X

Having trouble figuring out how to get the Huge Hell Rock in Pet Simulator X? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you out. In this guide, we are going to show you how to get the Huge Hell Rock in Pet Sim X, what your odds of obtaining one are, and how valuable it is. Let’s get right into it.

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how to get huge hell rock pet simulator x
How to Get Huge Hell Rock Pet Simulator X

How to Get Huge Hell Rock in Pet Simulator X

To get the Huge Hell Rock in Pet Simulator X, you just need to keep hatching Eggs from July 21st to July 29th. This pet has been introduced to the game as an apology of sorts for the new update not being released at three million likes as they originally promised. So, the Huge Hell Rock can appear in any Egg, but there is one big catch: it’s incredibly rare. According to the Pet Simulator Fandom Wiki, your odds of hatching one are 2.5 million to 1. That’s pretty brutal. On the other hand, it comes with the Best Friend unique enchantment (which means it will always be stronger than your best pet), and another random enchantment. Plus, it’s very valuable, which brings us to our next section.

Pet Sim X Huge Hell Rock Value

The value of Huge Hell Rock in Pet Sim X, or Pet Simulator X, is 65 billion Diamonds for the Normal version and the Golden Version and 325 billion Diamonds for the Rainbow version. To the best of our knowledge, the value of the Dark Matter version is still unknown, if it even exists. If you have any info on it, let us know in the comments below. Either way, the Huge Hell Rock is worth a lot. It only makes sense, considering how low your odds of getting one are. Then again, it’s still the easiest Huge you can get in the game, being about four times more common than the Huge Hacked Cat. So, just keep opening Eggs (ideally Golden Cracked Egg, if you have the Coins), and hope that it will drop from one.

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  1. M

    I have a rainbow hell rock and cant make it to darkmatter

    1. B

      Duh it is an exlusive you can’t make it dark mattter

      1. D

        yea to be honest ur right

  2. T

    I have two regular Huge Hell Rocks and 18 Golden. The odds must be way better than 2.5m/1 because I wouldn’t bet getting so many of them. That’s only with opening pets for about 24hrs. Also their is no dark matter version as it is impossible to get any pet at dark matter level from any egg.

    1. E

      Can I get one

    2. A

      can I have one my nick is adamek63 I dont have mithic hunter and I opened like 500k eggs and got nothin

      1. A

        I’ve been going for 5 days and haven’t got one, I’m really sad about it. If you wanna join me in game my user is Min3craft6amerplayz

  3. M
    Mathew manzano

    I got a DM Huge hell rock I just got it by hatching 321.9k eggs while afk

  4. P

    Hi im preston

    1. C

      I haven’t got huge he’ll rock what’s the chances

  5. A

    I got it in 10 minutes so I thought it was not really rare and I trade it for 2 billion diamonds….🥲

    1. A
      andrew besprozvanny


  6. D

    i dont know how but i got 1 golden hell rock in 2 hours then a normal one in 2 hours an now its imposible to get one.

  7. R

    Bro they’ve changed the chance of hatching it

  8. L

    I opens the eg for 4 days put I don’t get the huge hell rock, it’s so difficult to get it😔

  9. S

    i hatched huge hell rock with my eggs mastery and no luck gamepasses

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