Purple Glyph Dead By Daylight - How to get Purple Glyph

In Dead By Daylight, one of the new challenges requires that you get the Purple Glyph. This has caused many players plenty of headaches, and we will explain why that is. When you complete this Challenge, you will get the following rewards: 1x Rift Fragment and 25,000 Bloodpoints. Naturally, this, coupled with the inability for some players to solve it, has made this particular challenge doubly enticing. If you, too, are struggling with it, our Purple Glyph Dead By Daylight – How to get Purple Glyph guide will tell you precisely what you need to do to complete it.

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Purple Glyph Dead By Daylight - How to get Purple Glyph

How to Get Purple Glyph Dead By Daylight

Players are very anxious to find and get the Purple Glyph in their games, and many are simply not able to accomplish this. In fact, many have speculated that the challenge – or Glyph – are in some way bugged, or that there is a highly specific set of circumstances that you have to fulfil to get it. Since the Purple Glyph is specific and can move around the map, this was a natural conclusion. The actual reason why this has caused so much widespread confusion and frustration is that the Purple Glyph is available only to Killers. If you play as a Survivor, you simply won’t be able to get it by any means. This isn’t specifically mentioned anywhere in the game, which is why it has bewildered so many.

When playing as a Killer and you hook a Survivor, the Purple Glyph should spawn and remain for several seconds. If you do not interact with it then, it will leave a trail of slime that you can follow around the map. So, to sum it up, to be able to complete this challenge, you will have to play as a Killer and interact with the Purple Glyph. This will successfully complete the challenge.

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    Colin Vawter

    This is ridiculously annoying, screw the creators. WHY WOULD YOU NOT SAY “KILLER ONLY”. I JUST SPENT LIKE 20 GAMES TRYING TO GET IT AS SURVIVOR. Pissed and won’t be playing DBD for a while.

    1. \

      It does say killer glyph challenge maybe don’t just look at the logo

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