Good Pizza Great Pizza Caprese Pizza Recipe

If you have been playing GPGP, then you may be wondering what is the recipe for the Caprese Pizza in Good Pizza Great Pizza. As you know, in this game you are a pizza restaurant owner and chef, and as such, you will often get all manner of confusing pizza requests from your customers. For example, one of these requests is for a Caprese Pizza. And while you can always ask for more information about this order, doing so means that you won’t be able to get all three stars. To make sure that you receive the maximum three stars here, we are going to show you precisely how to make the Caprese Pizza in GPGP.

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Good Pizza Great Pizza Caprese Pizza Recipe
Good Pizza Great Pizza Caprese Pizza Recipe

How to Make Caprese Pizza in Good Pizza Great Pizza

A customer will ask you the following question: “Can you make a caprese pizza? But no sauce, not even olive oil or vinegar.” You can respond to this either with an “Okay”, or a “What?” Since selecting “What?” will cause you to lose out on stars, you should definitely select “Okay” here. But what does caprese pizza mean in this context? Caprese refers to a type of salad made from tomatoes and mozzarella, usually with basil and olive oil. Though, as the customer asked for no olive oil, we can disregard that from the recipe.

So, the full recipe for the Caprese Pizza in Good Pizza, Great Pizza is as follows: Cheese, Sliced Tomatoes, and Basil. Basically, just like the regular caprese salad recipe, only without the olive oil. And in pizza form, of course. Once you give that pizza to the customer, they will be very pleased with you for getting everything right. If you are having trouble with any other GPGP recipes, we recommend that you check out some of our other guides. These include Pigs in Blanket Pizza Style, Roses are Red, Violets Are Blue, and Special Wedding Pizza.

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