Grounded Playground Codes List, Share Your Playground Level ID

If you are looking for Grounded Playground Codes in November 2023, we’ve got you covered! The next major Grounded update, called the “Make it and Break it” 1.3 update, is finally here! And it is one of the most substantial updates yet for Obsidian’s survival action-adventure. Of course, by far the best thing is a brand-new Playground mode, where players can create their own unique Grounded experiences and share them with the community. In this guide, you can share your own Grounded Playground ID and find a list of awesome community-created tracks, puzzles, courses, and other creative designs.

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Grounded Playground ID Sharing

Where to Find Grounded Playground Codes?

So, you want to play some stunning community-created Grounded experiences? Thanks to the “Make it and Break it” 1.3 update, you can show your limitless creativity and make unique and engaging Grounded levels. The Playground Design Mode features over 300 objects used in the backyard, over 400 items and 100 harvestables, and most importantly – over 400 buildings to place them however you like.

The mode is truly a dream come true for the creative minds in the Grounded community. Only the sky is your limit! However, it’s not just about creating. It’s also about playing other people’s creations. The best place to find new codes in Playground subreddit and the official Playground Discord server. That’s where the community members will share their Grounded Playground codes.

Grounded Playground ID Codes List

Do you have a Playground design you’re proud of? And you want everyone to try it out and admire your creation? If you want everyone to enjoy your work, then you should share your Grounded Playground ID code! All you need to do is write down in the comments section your ID code and explain in a few words what your creation is, and we will update this article and add your Grounded Playground ID code to the list! We can’t wait to try out your Playground creations, so make sure to share the code with us in the comments section! Finally, here are some fun creations. Hence, use these Grounded Playground Codes IDs to play them!

  • GQ6-3YK-S57 – Nature’s Last Stand – Nature’s last stand aims to be a survival oriented experience with many different landmarks from hostile to habitable
  • SBB-K32-M4P – Battle Rocks – It’s a 1v1 game, where you can play against another player or the computer AI.
  • You’re given 5 rocks at the beginning. Place them on 5 random pressure plates of your choosing.
  • 9WM-U82-G6E – Bugsketball Bonanza!- Up to 4-player “Bugsketball” game in an interactive arena. Hence, team up with retired wizard Rudalf Grey to unveil the dark plans of the Mantis Collective!
  • QCK-8BU-M6Y – The Parkour – Currently in 1.0, tutorial is ready to play.
  • CW5-UA2-B43 – Dungeons and Dragonflies – A maze-like dungeon crawler inspired by Mazes and Minotaurs!
  • AN6-6AW-WQ5 – Ultimate Battle Arena
  • TY3-P3J-9BQ – Escape the Mansion – You have found yourself at a desolate mansion and unable to escape. Can you work your way through the mansion to escape?
  • W8Z-227-EAS – Grounded: *RPG Edition* – Can you conquer the Spider Burrow? Or will you succumb to the black widows within?
  • D99-PMD-QXZ – Halo 3 Guardian – A recreation of the iconic multiplayer map from Halo 3, with some minor variations. Playable with 1 – 4 people.
  • D4Y Y7E 4QZ – Jade Pg’s ONLY DOWN – Your only goal is to climb down!
  • S9C-X9E-Q7K – Harbingers Of The Apocalypse – Can you stop the Apocalypse?
  • 7FZ-9CL-F2X – Unrooted – Unrooted is a survival quest playground inspired by Grounded’s main story.
  • RT9-PQ8-LEH– Escape the Garden
  • A28-ZNK-4HA – The Wave Cavern – This map takes on a wave-based fighting kind of style! Your only job is to kill all three waves of insects, all with different difficulty, with an additional 4th boss wave.
  • KUB-U6Z-TRG – Flea the tunnels – In this playground, your job is to escape the tunnels by scavenging for weapons, upgrades and whilst managing thirst and hunger.
  • Y2Q-2SV-2ZZ – Find The Button! – Explore ten levels and find the button in each to win.
  • NA4-E8S-67Y – The Beetle’s Quest (WIP) – This map has a French and English language choice system. It’s still in Beta and will be updated.
  • T2K-NE4-CUY – Trials of Grounded – Can you work through this challenging dungeon and make it to the end without losing your head?
  • VRU-44C-WQL – Proyect A.N.T. – A survival map with a quest system. You can play it alone or with a friend. Work in progress.
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