Halls of Torment Tier List

Vampire Survivors made a big impression on games, especially indie titles. It demonstrated that you don’t need to have a big budget or flashy graphics in order to be really popular and sell a massive amount of copies. Naturally, it didn’t take long for VS-like games to start popping up. Halls of Torment is one such game, and, after it was given a recommendation by Asmongold, it really started to blow up on Steam. In many ways a refinment of the VS gameplay formula, it also features several character classes that you can play as. Of course, not all of them are equally powerful. To help you choose the optimal one for you, we are going to rank all of them in this Halls of Torment Tier List.

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Halls of Torment Tier List
Halls of Torment Tier List

Halls of Torment Tier List of Best Characters

Now, before we get into the classes themselves, something that we need to make clear first. Regardless of which character you end up going for, Halls of Torment is absolutely playable no matter your choice. Also, personal gameplay preferences matter a great deal in games such as this, so if you prefer a character that is more mobile, or one which features a more defense-oriented playstyle, then by all means – feel free to play them instead.

After all, games should be about enjoying yourselves and having fun. Of course, if you disagree with our rankings, then you are more than welcome to tell us why you would place a character higher or lower. And with all of that out of the way, let’s finally get into the rankings themselves, starting with the most powerful (S Tier), and work our way down to the least powerful (C Tier):

  • S Tier: Sorceress and Cleric.
  • A Tier: Archer and Shield Maiden.
  • B Tier: Exterminator and Warlock.
  • C Tier: Swordsman.
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