Hearthstone Overheal Keyword Explained

How does the Overheal Keyword work in the Hearthstone Festival of Legends expansion? Festival of Legends, the first Hearthstone expansion of 2023, has just been announced. And, of course, there’s a lot to be excited about in this music-themed set. For the Priest mains, the Overheal keyword is something you should particularly look forward to. In this guide, we explain what Hearthstone Overheal does and how it works.

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Hearthstone Overheal Keyword Explained

What does Hearthstone Festival of Legends Overheal Keyword Do?

The end of the first quarter of each year in Hearthstone is a time of massive changes. It marks the beginning of the new Standard year with the rotation of the three 2021 sets to the Wild format and the introduction of a new Core set. And then, of course, there’s the new expansion – the Festival of Legends. Asides from many expansion-themed mechanics, it also comes with a brand new keyword unique to Priest, which will become a new evergreen Priest-only keyword. We’re talking about Overheal. Currently, there’s much confusion around this new mechanic. Read on as we explain how Overheal works and everything else you need to know.

At its core, it is a very simple keyword. Whenever you heal a minion with Overheal above their maximum Health, this keyword will trigger. For example, if a minion’s maximum Health is 5 and it is currently sitting on 4 Health, if you heal it for 2 or more, you will trigger the Overheal keyword. Of course, some Overheal minions activate when you overheal other minions, as you can see below. In addition, there are two other things to be noted here, which are confusing players:

  • Minion doesn’t need to be damaged to trigger the Overheal effect. If you try to heal a fully healed minion, the effect will also trigger.
  • Overheal is not a one-time effect; it can be triggered multiple times per turn and game as long as the minion with the effect is in the game and is not silenced.
  • Of course, there can always be unique cards with exceptions to the rules stated above, but those are the general rules of how the effect works in Hearthstone.
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