Hitman 3 Death in the family - Zachary bedroom clues, Emma & Gregory room clues

Hitman 3 Death in The Family is an interesting Dartmoor murder mystery, where you play detective and search for clues. Your job is to find out who killed Zachary and collect all Zachary bedroom clues, Ema & Gregory room clues and evidence from Mr Fernsby’s office. You’ll also question Patrick Carlisle, Rosi, Edward and other people to find out more about their alibis.

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hitman 3 death in the family
Hitman 3 Death in the family – Find Zachary bedroom clues, Emma & Gregory room clues

Disguise yourself as the private investigator

In order to solve the murder mystery, you’ll have to disguise yourself as the private investigator. Wait for the real detective who is already on the scene. While he is walking in the courtyard stole his outfit, hide the body, then sneak into the house through the open window to the right of the main doors.

Hitman 3 Zachary’s bedroom Clues

Once you talk to Alexa, head to Zachary’s bedroom and look for six clues. You can examine the clues directly or use your camera to scan them.

  1. Scan Zachary’s body with your camera
  2. Scan the Whisky Glass and Bottle on the table
  3. Pull on the book on the bookshelf to open a secret room
  4. Collect the Mansion Floor Plan from the secret room
  5. Investigate Zachary’s Laptop near fireplace
  6. Pick up Zachary’s Suicide Note by the fireplace
Once you collect all the evidence look for Mr Fernsby, the butler, and ask for more information. He’ll tell you to question five family members: Gregory, Emma and Rebecca can be found in the sitting room, while Edward and Patrick are wandering around.

Mr Fernsby’s Office Clues

The door to Mr Fernsby’s Office is locked, thus, you need to break into office. Use the lockpick or look for a crowbar behind the Greenhouse or near the van outside the mansion. Once inside, look for the clues but don’t forget to collect the mansion masterkey on a bookshelf. There are three clues in the office:

  1. Zachary’s Half-Burnt Diary at the fireplace
  2. Mr Fernsby’s List on his desk
  3. Mr Fernsby’s Pills on the windowsill next to a huge mirror
With these evidence, if you want, you can accuse Mr Fernsby and unlock A Matter Of Loyalty feat.

Secret room & Mysterious switch

In Emma’s room you’ll find a a beautiful walking cane that can be used on the Mysterious switch to reveal the Secret room on the first floor. Inside you’ll find the Montgomery’s long lost letter which you can use to convince Alexa that Zachary committed suicide. This is not the true because the handwriting in Zachary’s Diary and handwriting on the Suicide Note are not the same, but you’ll unlock A Matter Of Guilt feat.

Hitman 3 Emma and Gregory’s Room clues

Use the Mansion Masterkey to unlock Emma and Gregory’s Room and collect three clues:

  1. Letter From Emma’s Mother next to the bed
  2. Greenhouse Key Chain on the floor next to the suitcases
  3. Use your camera to scan Shoes and Footprints near the fireplace

Hitman 3 Who killed Zachary – Alexa Carlisle’s Office Safe Code

Head to the Greenhouse just north of the Mansion. The doors are locked, thus, use the lockpick or pick up a crowbar behind the Greenhouse. Inside you’ll find two evidence: poisonous flower near Distillation Kit and an open book that can be scanned. You have uncovered enough evidence to tell Madam Carlisle that Emma is the murderer. This accusation will unlock A Matter Of Justice feat. Whichever option you choose you can get Case File as your reward. On the other hand if you don’t want to solve this mystery, Alexa Carlisle’s Office Safe Code is 1975.

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