Hitman 3 Multiplayer, Modes & VR

There’s a plethora of game modes in Hitman 3, which can be pretty confusing if you’re a new player. Returning players might wonder which modes from previous games have made it into this one, as well, and whether multiplayer works the same way as before. If you’re struggling to find information about these issues, this guide will tell you all about Hitman 3 multiplayer, modes & VR.

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hitman 3 multiplayer modes vr
Hitman 3 Multiplayer, Modes & VR

Hitman 3 multiplayer

Hitman 3 won’t have multiplayer of any kind at launch. If you’ve played the previous games, that means the 1v1 Ghost Mode and the co-op Sniper Assassin challenges are no more. Don’t expect it to be added later on, either.

Hitman 3 game modes

Since there won’t be any multiplayer, all the modes listed below are strictly singleplayer:

  • Campaign – Standard string of missions that lead you through the game’s various locales; the default game mode with a proper story and such.
  • Elusive Targets – You get a unique target you’re supposed to track down and eliminate with no help from the HUD or 47’s preternatural senses.
  • Escalations – Multi-layered contracts that develop as you play them. Each time you complete one, it’ll evolve into something more difficult, with new targets, restrictions and other complications.
  • Contracts – This one’s pretty sandbox: you pick a target, pick a way to eliminate them, then play. Once you’re done, you can challenge others to beat your score on that same contract.
  • Sniper Assassin – This one tasks you with eliminating your target from a distance, without triggering an alarm.

Hitman 3 VR – how does it work?

If you’re interested in experiencing Hitman 3 in VR, you should know it’s a PSVR exclusive. This means that only Playstation owners are getting the VR treatment. It’s also limited to the dualshock gamepad – it won’t have Move controllers support. It will use the gyro as much as possible, though – for instance, you can swing a melee weapon by waving your DS controller around. On the bright side, all three games from the World of Assassination trilogy are getting the VR treatment.

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