Hitman 3 To Loyalty - Eliminate Don Archibald Yates Bug Solution

To Loyalty is a challenge in Hitman 3. It’s part of the Mendoza mission, and it requires you to eliminated Don Archibald Yates using a poisoned glass of Grand Paladin from 1945, the rarest wine they have in his cellar. Completing this challenge requires a whole lot of planning and careful execution, and to make things worse there are certain bugs you might encounter that could stop you from completing it. Thankfully, there are solutions, and we’re going to show them to you in our Hitman 3 To Loyalty bug solution guide.

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hitman 3 to loyalty eliminate don archibal yates bug solution
Hitman 3 To Loyalty – Eliminate Don Archibald Yates Bug Solution

Mendoza waiter conversation bug

At one point, you’re supposed to go into the wine cellar and hear the waiter talk to Yates on the phone. Your target orders the bottle of Grand Paladin, which the waiter is supposed to procure from the somalier.

However, a number of folks have reported that the phone conversation between the waiter and Yates never happens for them. This doesn’t seem to be a bug – you’re supposed to complete the entire vineyard tour before going to the barrel room and listening in on the waiter.

Mendoza soldier stuck bug

The second bug is an actual bug. After you’ve grabbed the somelier disguise and the bottle of wine, Yates’ head of security should come down and escort you to the meeting. Except there’s a bug that causes him to get stuck by a door, knocking on it instead of continuing on.

We’ve spent dozens of minutes here, waiting for him to move, trying to get him un-stuck, with no results. The only thing that helped was reloading an earlier save and trying again – and even that didn’t work on the first try. So make sure you save after grabbing the bottle, so you can reload without losing any progress.

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