How to Beat the Pumpkin Graveyard Clash of Clans

The Pumpkin Graveyard is part of Clash of Clans Halloween extravaganza, and people are starting to realize that how to beat it is not easy. The aim of the task is to destroy a town hall then destroy the town itself. You need to get a perfect three stars to claim your rewards. Of course, this involves lashings of the undead armed with spooky abilities. We discuss the best tactics to beat the pumpkin graveyard in COC.

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How to Beat the Pumpkin Graveyard Clash of Clans
How to Beat the Pumpkin Graveyard Clash of Clans

With skeletons, ghosts, and super witches inside, the graveyard is no walk in the park. The trick is to avoid taking the obvious option of aiming your forces at the castle on the right. Instead, you need to operate a classic pincer movement.

To begin, deploy a Valkyrie on the right-hand side at the square in the southeast corner. Back her up with a Super Bowler. Get them to take down the towers lined up at the front.  The skeletons that are there should not prove troublesome to them. During the battle, they will work up through the middle section of the map, past the graves.  There are a number of spring traps here, which you can deploy some barbarians to trigger. 

Beat the Pumpkin Graveyard in COC

On the outside of the wall, deploy a queen and use her to skirt the outer rim, working north along the southwest wall. Any remaining Barbarians can go with her. As both of your groups move north in tandem, you should gradually add forces as you go.

Once the towers at the front are taken out, work upwards, using your Valkyrie to take down the elixir hut. Send your Queen around the outside southern wall. Keep them spamming from the outside and deploy more forces as you move north.

You can then move on to the builder’s hut, working from below. Bring your Valkyries over as well and bring in more troops, letting the Super Bowler attack the mortar. Your pincer should be concentrating on the northwest circle. Once the wall gets breached by the Queen and her group, then you can move on to take out the rest of the targets.

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