How to Breed Epic Toe Jammer My Singing Monsters 2023

My Singing Monsters revolves around acquiring and placing all sorts of musical monsters. Some of these are comparatively easy to get, while others require a lot more effort to breed. The Epic Toe Jammer is one such difficult-to-obtain Monster. Being an Epic Monster, you can only breed it at certain times. So if you were wondering how to breed the Epic Toe Jammer in My Singing Monsters in 2023, this guide is here to explain the entire process from beginning to end.

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How to Breed Epic Toe Jammer My Singing Monsters 2023
How to Breed Epic Toe Jammer My Singing Monsters 2023

Breeding Epic Toe Jammer in MSM

Since the Epic Toe Jammer is an Epic Monster, this means that you can only get it – either by breeding it or by purchasing it – during special events such as Seasonal Events. The combination of Monsters needed to breed it is different depending on the island in question. Here are all the combinations:

  • Water Island – Shellbeat (Air, Plant, Earth, Water) and Fwog (Earth, Water).
  • Fire Oasis – Sneyser (Air, Water, Cold, Fire) and Pango (Air, Cold).
  • Plant Island – Entbrat (Plant, Earth, Water, Cold) and Oaktopus (Plant, Water).
  • Air Island – Riff (Air, Earth, Water, Cold) and Maw (Water, Cold).
  • Cold Island – Deedge (Air, Plant, Water, Cold) and Quibble (Air, Water).
  • Bone Island – Plinkajou (Earth, Water, Fire, Bone) and Stogg (Earth, Fire).
  • Psychic Island – Gloptic (Plant, Water, Fire, Psychic) and Flowah (Plant, Fire).

And now that you know how to breed it, you can start the breeding process by selecting the breeding structure, choosing the right monster combination (depending on the island, as explained above), and then waiting for three hours. You can also speed up the breeding process through Diamonds. Once this is done, you’ll have your very own Epic Toe Jammer. Lastly, note that you cannot use an Epic Toe Jammer to breed another Epic Toe Jammer. Only the method described here is going to work.

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