How to Change Element Royale High Campus 3

In Royale High Campus 3, you will get the ability to choose your Magical Element. There are six of these: Fire, Ice, Dark, Light, Water, and Nature. Each of them come with their own look, spells, and it also determines the chests that you can unlock. But what to do if you are unhappy with your choice of Element, and is there a way to somehow change this? In this guide, we are going to explain how to change your Element in Royale High Campus 3 and how this entire process works.

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How to Change Element Royale High Campus 3
How to Change Element Royale High Campus 3

How to Change Your Element in Royale High Campus 3

The first step here is to actually select your initial Element. You can do this either by passing the Practical or Written exam. The Practical exam is for more action-oriented players, while the Written exam is going to put you through a series of questions that are going to determine your personality and the Element that best suits it. In either case, you will then have your Element. If you have realized that you are not satisfied with this Element, don’t worry, as you will be able to unlock all of the other Elements as well. Here’s how this works.

Go into your Daily Planner. Once there, you will see the Sparkly Star Achievements on the right side. Search for the following term in the search field: “elemental studies”. When you have done this, all of the Elemental Studies are going to be listed out here. The way that this works is that you need to advance through levels in order to unlock them. For example, you are going to need 100 Levels in order to unlock the second Element. Note that this doesn’t refer to your character’s overall levels, but that it only takes the levels that you earn in the school into account. So once you have leveled up enough, go to the Enchantraverse to gain your second (or third, fourth, and so on) Element. You can then change from one Element to the other on the fly.

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