How to Complete Rulebreakers Nicolo Zaniolo SBC

How to complete Rulebreakers SBC and get Nicolo Zaniolo needs the creation of two teams. One is a national squad, and the other centres around his club team, Roma FC. Once done, you can acquire this attacking midfielder. He can be an excellent addition to your team. Read on as we tell you how to complete Rulebreakers and get Nicolo Zaniolo.

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How to Complete Rulebreakers Nicolo Zaniolo SBC
How to Complete Rulebreakers Nicolo Zaniolo SBC

The Rulebreakers SBC has concentrated on game-changing players. Rulebreakers are squad members who can mix up their style of play. They include attributes that can transform them on the pitch giving you new, unpredictable squad building options. The first week started on October 29th and continued on November 5th. One 85 OVR attacking midfielder you can get in the SBC is Roma FC’s Nicolo Zaniolo.

Getting hold of this SBC requires players to create two different lineups. They will each have their own set of requirements. The first of these is a Roma FC squad.

Rulebreakers Nicolo Zaniolo SBA

Roma FC must have 11 starting players. A minimum of 1 TOTW player and Roma FC players must be in it. The team rating must be 83 at the least with a minimum team chemistry of 80. This will reward you with a small gold players pack.

  • 11 Starting Players
  • Minimum of 1 Roma FC and TOTW players
  • 80 Team Chemistry Minimum
  • 83 Team Overall Rating

The second squad is a National Duty team. This requires 1 starting player and one Italian national. The team overall rating must be a minimum of 84 and the team chemistry 85. This will reward you with a Small Prime Electrum Players Pack.

  • 1 Starting Player and Italian National
  • Team Overall Rating 84 and Above
  • Team Chemistry 85 and Above

The total cost for the SBC comes to 60,00 coins. Despite a few weak stats, this is good value for money looking at the rest. In comparison to other SBC, it is also fairly priced.

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