How to Get to Sea 3 Blox Fruits - Third Sea Update

The Sea 3 Blox Fruits update is here, and many Roblox players are wondering how to get to the Third Sea. This new area has many new enemies, fruits, and other additions, so you no doubt want to get there as soon as possible. To help you get there quick, our How to Get to Sea 3 Blox Fruits – Third Sea Update guide will show you everything that you need to do in order to unlock access to the Third Sea area. With that said, let’s dive right into it.

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How to Get to Sea 3 Blox Fruits - Third Sea Update

How to Get to 3rd Sea Blox Fruits

To be able to get to the 3rd Sea in Blox Fruits, you will first need to go to the Colosseum in the New World. It can be found in Area 1 of the Kingdom of Rose. When you enter the Colosseum, go down where the water area is and below the bridge you will find a room. Inside this room is the King Red Head NPC. Talk with this character and they will ask that you go defeat (or, in his words, “disrespect”) the rip_indra boss. This is a very difficult Level 1,500 Boss, so make sure that you are powerful enough to defeat them before starting this fight.

Once you have beaten the rip_indra boss, you will receive a mental message from King Red Head NPC. It reads: “My dear friend, This is a mental message. I’ve been sealed by rip_indra in the third sea. I need your help ASAP, please come save me. XOXO, King Red Head AKA mygame43 (owner).” The next step is to go and speak with Mr. Captain who is in the Green Zone. When you get there, talk with him and when he asks you if you want to go to the Third Sea, say Yes. This will teleport you there.

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