How Many Times Does Cinderella's Shoe Fall Off?

When it comes to Disney animated classics, there are few that are as iconic – or as influential – as the original Cinderella. Released in 1950, it signaled a new era in Disney animation, featuring lush colors and vibrant songs. Based on the famous fairy tale, Cinderella follows the titular character – a young girl forced to work for her wicked stepmother and stepsisters. Her Fairy Godmother wants to help her by giving her the means to go to the Royal Ball. She enchants a pumpkin to serve as her carriage, and she also gives her a wonderful gown and, a pair of glass slippers. But she needs to return before midnight, when the spell wears off. In her hurry, the glass shoe falls off several times. So, in the animated classic Cinderella, how many times does Cinderella’s shoe fall off? Is it: one, two, three, or four times? Here’s how many.

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How Many Times Does Cinderella's Shoe Fall Off
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How Many Times Did Cinderella Lose Her Glass Slipper?

When Cinderella arrives at the Royal Ball, all the guests are immediately drawn to her beauty and mystery. But none of them more so than Prince Charming himself, who spent the entire evening dancing and talking with Cinderella. They were having so much fun that she completely forgot about the time and that she needed to leave the Ball before the stroke of 12. So when the clock was heard, Cinderella started panicking. She left in such a hurry that her glass shoe fell off her foot several times. But how many times? Was it:

  • 1. One.
  • 2. Two.
  • 3. Three.
  • 4. Four.

It was three times. But this turned out to be a stroke of good luck and a blessing in disguise. Because she lost her glass slipper, Prince Charming was ultimately able to find her. He had all the girls in the kingdom try out the shoe, and when Cinderella tried it on and it fit perfectly, he realized that she was the girl he fell in love with at the Royal Ball. They were soon wed and the story had a happy end.

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