How to Spin Dash Sonic Frontiers

Sonic has a number of iconic moves at his disposal. Ever since he first appearead all the way back in 1991, Sonic the Hedgehog has been characterized by his blindingly fast speed. This allowed him to perform various amazing feats and it formed the basis of practically every future Sonic game. Out of Sonic’s many moves, the spin dash is by far one of the most iconic. With it, Sonic curls up into a ball and starts spinning, gaining even more destructive speed. Naturally, it is also available to perform in Sonic Frontiers. If you are wondering how to unlock the Spin Dash move in Sonic Frontiers, this guide is here to explain everything that you need to know about pulling it off.

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How to Spin Dash Sonic Frontiers
How to Spin Dash Sonic Frontiers

How to Unlock Spin Dash in Sonic Frontiers

Recently, Sonic Frontiers got a big update. This “Birthday Bash” in question fixed up a lot of issues, and it also added several important things to the game. The biggest of these Sonic Frontiers Update 2 additions is the Spin Dash move. Using it, you can quickly get around the Sonic Frontiers game world. Not to mention, it looks really cool and stylish. So, how to get the Spin Dash in Sonic Frontiers?

What you need to do is to get an S rank in all of the Action Chain Challenges. This is a series of new challenges that have been added to the Open Zones in the game. Once you have S-ranked all of them, the Spin Dash is then going to become available. But how to do the Spin Dash in Sonic Frontiers? Luckily, this is very simple. All you need to do is to hold O on PlayStation, B on Xbox, or A on the Nintendo Switch, and then also hold L2 on PlayStation, LT on Xbox, or L on the Switch to wind up the Spin Dash. Finally, release O/B/A and Sonic will start Spin Dashing.

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