How to Delete Pets Pet Simulator 99

Can you delete your pets in Pet Simulator 99? After months of speculation and several weeks of waiting, the highly-anticipated Pet Simulator 99 has finally arrived! And while a lot of features are quite similar to PSX, there are some things that many players are not sure how to do. One of the most obvious is the ability to delete pets in PS99. So, how do you remove the pets which you don’t want? Read on as we share what we know.

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How to Delete Pets Pet Simulator 99
How to Delete Pets in PS99

How to Delete Pets in Pet Simulator 99?

We must be honest with you here from the get-go. Namely, to the best of our knowledge, we think that Pet Simulator 99 currently doesn’t have an option to delete your pets. We are presently actively playing the game and looking for both new and old features. And we are simply unable to find how to delete your pets. Hence, until proven otherwise, we conclude that you can not delete pets in PS99. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Namely, there are many improvements in terms of your pet collection management. The most important is pet stacking. That is, copies of the same pet are no longer occupying a single slot per copy. Rather, they are all stacked in the same slot. As a result, your collection space looks neatly packed and nicely arranged.

There is no chaos, and each unique pet has its own slot, with the number of copies of it being listed as a number next to that slot. Furthermore, it seems that there is no limit. The game doesn’t imply that there is a limit on how much of the same pet you can have. That’s another reason why we think Pet Simulator 99 doesn’t have a pet-deleting option. With all that in mind, however, we will keep looking for the option to delete your pets in PS99. If you manage to find out how to delete it, share the info with us in the comments section!

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