How to Exit Palworld - How to Close Game?

Not sure how to exit Palworld? Can’t find the exit button from the in-game menu? The wait is over, and one of the most anticipated games of early 2024 is now live in early access. At the time of writing, almost four hundred thousand players are exploring the game just on Steam. And while we’re sure this will be a long night for them, at some point, they will want to quit. In this guide, we explain how to close the game and quit Palworld.

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How to Exit Palworld - How to Close Game?
How to Close and Quit Palworld?

How to Close Palworld – How to Exit the Game?

It sounds strange that we need to write a guide about exiting the game. However, oftentimes, even the most basic things in games can be rather unclear. Frankly speaking, this isn’t even my first time writing a guide about how to leave a game. But enough padding, you are not here for that. Let’s give you the answer to what you’re here for. So, how do you close Palworld and quit? Unlike in many other games, the option to exit Palworld is not exactly in plain sight. It will not be immediately visible when you pause the game and enter the menu. Rather, you will need to make a few more clicks. Here’s how to close Palworld from the in-game menu:

  • While playing, pause the game by pressing the “Escape” button.
  • Navigate to the “Options” tab, the furthermost to the right.
  • You will notice a big blue “Return to tile” button.
  • Press the button, and you will leave the game back to the main game screen.
  • From there, simply press “Quite game”.

As you can see, you can not quit Palworld directly while playing. In order to completely close Palworld, you will first need to return to the title screen. So there you have it, that’s how to exit Palworld. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section!

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