How to find Copper in Lego Fortnite, Copper Bar

Adventurers of Lego Fortnite, another question will inevitably arise as you explore this huge world: where to find Copper and craft Copper Bars? Fear not, for this guide will point you in the right direction! Copper is another well hidden ingredient that you’ll find very useful that is hidden amongst the secrets of new Fortnite mode! Without further ado, let’s delve into the process of acquiring this ingredient!

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How to get Copper in Lego Fortnite, Copper Bar
How to get Copper in Lego Fortnite, Copper Bar

How to get Copper in Lego Fortnite, Copper Bar

Your hunt for copper begins in the sunny desert Dry Valley. This time, instead of climbing huge cliffs for Amber, you’ll need to seek out a cave. Don’t forget that this area is full of scorpions that can damage you a lot. In the screenshots below you can see the exact location where we found the cave: coordinates 0.58, 0.27, alt: 13. As you venture into the tunnel, a message – you are hot will pop up on the screen. Be prepared since you’ll soon find yourself within a vast lava cave.

Going deeper into the lava cave, ascend to the upper level. There, you’ll encounter red stones on the cave walls, stacked on top of each other. These are your copper deposits. Mine them to collect the precious resource. But your journey doesn’t end there. Within the same cave, seek out Brightcore ore, an additional component for crafting Copper Bars. Once you leave the cave, open the Utility menu and select the Metal Smelter. Interact with it by pressing E and choose the Quick Deposit button. This will initiate the process of transforming your copper into usable copper bars. Remember, each Copper Bar requires 1 Copper and 2 Brightcore.

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