How to Get Lego Fortnite Flexwood & Flexwood Rod

Can’t manage to get Flexwood or make Flexwood Rods in Lego Fortnite? Well, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we will explain where Flexwood comes from and what you need to do in order to refine them into Rods. Then we’ll talk about what you’ll need to farm Flexwood efficiently and what you can use it for. Don’t worry, it’s all very simple (though not necessarily easy). Let’s begin!

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how to get lego fortnite flexwood & flexwood rod
How to Get Lego Fortnite Flexwood & Flexwood Rod

How to Get Flexwood in Lego Fortnite

To get Flexwood in Lego Fortnite, you have to cut down cacti. Yup, nothing more interesting to it. The main problems really are figuring out where cacti grow and getting the right tools. Not surprisingly, it’s in the desert biome. Not the Sahara type of the desert, but the Arizona kind, rocky and orange. There are cacti growing all over the place. So, feel free to cut down as many as you need.

Problem #2 is that your main base is probably way too far to travel back and forth, so it’s probably best to have at least some temporary housing somewhere nearby. For one, to protect yourself from monsters and the elements, but also to protect your Lumber Mill. What do you need that for? Well…

How to Make Flexwood Rods

In order to make Flexwood Rods in Lego Fortnite, you have to take all that Flexwood you gathered by chopping cacti into a Lumber Mill. Yes, the same thing you need to make Planks and Wooden Rods and Knotroot Rods. It’s the same as with any other regular timber. Just interact with the Lumber Mill, select Flexwood Rods in the list, and feed the machine by pressing the little Plus in the upper left. Wait for the mill to do its magic, and off you go. Now, I don’t think you can just reposition a mill you’ve already made. You’ll have to build a new one in the desert. Sure, it’ll take some resources, but it beats hiking back to base camp every time.

How to Farm Lego Fortnite Flexwood

Now, we know you can farm Flexwood in Lego Fortnite by going to the desert biome. However, you need to come prepared. The desert is hot, shockingly, so your character might start overheating. Bring stuff that will cool you down, like Snowberries. Also, use the hot springs to launch yourself into the air and glide (once you have the Glider, as explained below). This will both cool you off and let you scout your surroundings. That way, you can spot and approach cacti clusters.

Next, you’ll need a Rare Forest Axe in order to chop the plants down. To do that, you need to upgrade your Crafting Bench to Rare (which requires the Brute Scale, among many other things). Next, to upgrade your axe to Rare, you’ll need three Knotwood Rods and five Cut Amber. Click on the links to learn how to get these materials.

Lego Fortnite Flexwood Uses

We know of three different uses for Flexwood and Flexwood Rods in Lego Fortnite. If you know of any others, let us know in the comments, and we’ll update this section. The first use is building the Loom, which turns Silk and Wool Threads into their respective Fabrics. This one is costly, requiring nineteen Flexwood, eight Flexwood Rods, and six Sand Claws. Then there’s the Essence Table (six Cut Amber and twenty Flexwood). Last, but not least, there’s the Glider. Making a Glider requires six Silk Fabrics, four Wool Fabrics, and eight Flexwood Rods. It’s a project, to be sure, but it lets you traverse the map way faster. Plus it lets you scout your surroundings, which is always useful.

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