How to Get Thalamus in Hades 2

If you just can’t figure out how to get a Thalamus in Hades 2, you’ve come to the right place. This mysterious ingredient, key for finishing the Unraveling a Fateful Bond Incantation, only grows from a certain kind of seed. And this seed can only be found in one place. Well, realm, shall we say. There are plenty of hoops to jump through, but it’s ultimately absolutely worth it. Here’s what you need to do.

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how to get thalamus in hades 2
How to Get Thalamus in Hades 2

Where to Get Thalamus in Hades 2

To get the Thalamus in Hades 2, the first step is to get Origin Seeds. And to get those, you need to get into the realm of Chaos (yes, I don’t really like their redesign, either). The gate will first appear after you defeat the first boss once and spending a few hours in ruins in general. You’ll know when it appears, trust me. It looks like a colorful eye on the ground. Remember, you need to sacrifice some health in order to enter. Also, you’ll need to bring the Silver Spade with you as a tool. Use it on the dirt mounds in Chaos’s realm, and you’ll hopefully dig out some Origin Seeds. You might not some in every run, so good luck.

Now it’s time to plant the seeds at one of the soil plots in the Crossroads. These unlock after you’ve completed the Flourishing Soil Incantation. Once Origin Seeds are in the ground, you have to complete seven stages in a run before they will grow into a Thalamus (or just chill in the springs). Last, but not least, harvest the Thalamus when it’s ready.

How to Use Thalamus in Hades 2

The Hades 2 Thalamus has only one use (at time of writing) – completing the Unraveling a Fateful Bond Incantation at the Crossroads cauldron. You need two Thalamuses (Thalami?), two Lotuses, two Nightshades and two Moss. Making this potion lets you “forestall the effects of your bloodline’s ancient Life-draining curse that bars you from the surface.” In other words, it lets you resist the constant life drain any denizen of the Underworld born there has to contend with on the surface. And that’s basically it. Maybe Supergiant will add more uses for the Thalamus later on, it’s still early days. We’ll have to wait and see.

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