How to get two Energy Bars & Run Faster Disney Dreamlight Valley

Do you want to know how to get two Energy Bars in Disney Dreamlight Valley? The Energy system is one of the core gameplay mechanics in Disney Dreamlight Valley, which influences almost all your activities in the game. Whether it is mining, fishing, harvesting, or watering crops, you lose energy in the process of doing it. If you play Disney Dreamlight Valley regularly, you will soon learn that keeping your energy bar filled can be a really hard thing to achieve. In this Disney Dreamlight Valley energy boost guide, we explain how to most efficiently recover and refill your energy. And even how to get more energy with two Energy Bars!

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How to get two Energy Bars & Run Faster Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to get two Energy Bars and Run Faster in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Knowing how to efficiently and quickly refill your energy is essential if you don’t want to constantly waste time instead of performing activities. And, given that almost anything in the game makes you lose Energy, properly managing your Energy can become increasingly harder. The two methods of restoring Energy in Disney Dreamlight Valley are either by going back to your home and waiting for it to slowly refill or by eating various food which will also restore Energy in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

It’s important to note that eating complex meals (made with recipes) is a much more efficient way of restoring Energy, instead of just eating raw ingredients. The thing is, many meals will fill your Energy Bar above your current maximum, and five-star meals will even give you two Energy Bars. That’s why it’s best to have meals with you instead of just going back to your house to refill your energy. Reddit user u/welshdragon888 has come up with an efficient strategy for “easy, free energy boosts” in Disney Dreamlight Valley. And we like it a lot, thus we share it with you here:

  • Unlock Ratatouille realm in the castle.
  • Make a 5-star meal in the realm (Free).
  • Use the recipe and auto-fill to make multiple.
  • Eat a couple of meals so your energy bar fills twice.
  • This gives you twice the energy and also a speed boost.
  • Drop the stack on the floor before you leave the realm (VERY IMPORTANT).
  • Open the map and fast-travel to the realm when you need energy.
  • Pick the stack up off the floor.
  • Eat 2 meals.
  • Drop the stack ready for next time.

It’s important to note that you can not bring things out of the Ratatouille realm. They will be lost if you have them in the inventory while leaving. On the other hand, if you drop them on the ground before leaving, they will wait for you there when you come back.



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    I’ve known this for quite a long time. It was one thing I kept to myself because I didn’t want it patched. I don’t think they would but you never know… The best part is you can fast travel and back again and you’re right where you left off. Personally I do Soufflé’s. They fill up the bar the fastest as far as I know.

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