How to Make Mars Infinite Craft

If you want to know how to make Mars in Infinite Craft, we’re here you help you out. This is one of (probably) hundreds upon hundreds of things you can craft in the game, but Mars is one of those “items” that do have a bit of a winding road to it. Which is why we’ll break the whole process down in this guide. Let’s begin!

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how to make mars infinite craft
How to Make Mars Infinite Craft

How to Make Mars in Infinity Craft

To make Mars in Infinite Craft (or Infinity Craft, as some people erroneously call it), you are going to have to go through about fifteen steps. Keep in mind that, even if you delete an ingredient on accident, you can find everything you’ve discovered will be readily available in the bar on the right-hand side. Also, some of these steps can be done in a different order, so you don’t have to do everything exactly as I’ve laid out below. So long as you get the right ingredients at the end, you’ll be fine. So, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Water and Fire make Steam
  2. Water and Water make Lake
  3. Wind and Earth make Dust
  4. Earth and Water make Plant
  5. Earth and Fire make Lava
  6. Dust and Earth make Planet
  7. Plant and Steam make Tea
  8. Planet and Wind make Storm
  9. Storm and Tea make Tempest
  10. Tea and Tempest make Typhoon
  11. Lake and Water make Ocean
  12. Lava and Typhoon make Volcano
  13. Dust and Ocean make Sand
  14. Sand and Storm make Dune
  15. Dune and Volcano make Mars

And there you have it, that’s how you make Mars in Infinite Craft, or Infinity Craft, or whatever you want to call it. It’s not a long process by any means, but it’s the bizarre, whimsical nature of the game that makes it complicated. I mean, who would ever think that combining Tempest and Tea to make a Typhoon, or Storm and Tea to create Tempest in the first place? I get the pun, don’t get me wrong, but it does feel like they’re asking for a lot. With that said, off I go to play more. I love this game.

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