How To Open Door & Talk to Dr Leonard The Day Before

Not sure how to open the door of Dr Leonard’s office in The Day Before? After years of teasers, controversies and delays, the highly disputable open-world survival horror video game The Day Before is finally here. If this guide, we explain what to do if you encounter the door not opening bug and how to talk with Dr Leonard.

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How To Open Door & Talk to Dr Leonard The Day Before
The Day Before Door Not Opening Bug

How To Open the Door in Dr Leonard’s Office in The Day Before

Before the start of early access, many players believed that the launch of The Day Before would be a huge, messy bug-fest. And to be perfectly frank, the very first playable moment in the game wasn’t exactly encouraging in that regard. Namely, the first moment we start controlling our character, we will encounter the door not opening bug in The Day Before. When you collect your stuff and try to leave Dr Leonard’s office, the door will not open. You approach them, the “F” button will appear, and the “action loading” animation will prompt. Nevertheless, the door will remain closed. So, how to open the first door in the game?

It sounds strange, but you must position your character so that he is facing slightly to the right of the door. When in that position, press F and the door will open. It’s a really strange bug and an even stranger solution. But hey, it works! It’s definitely not an ideal first impression, but we will keep playing. If you have trouble with any other entrances in the game, the process of opening them will probably be the same.

How To Talk With Dr Leonard Bug in The Day Before

You will probably notice the same issue if you try talking with Dr Leonard after your initial conversation. If you approach him and press F, chances are high that nothing will happen. The procedure here is exactly the same. You will need to position yourself so that you face slightly to the right of the doctor. Only in that position will the interaction be triggered. Hopefully, we will not need to do it for every character in the game. And the developer, Fntastic, will hopefully patch out this bug as soon as possible. With that said, our “How To Open Door & Talk to Dr Leonard The Day Before” guide is completed.

How To Talk With Dr Leonard Bug in The Day Before
Face slightly to the right before interacting with Leonard for a conversation to start.
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