How to Turn Werewolf Into Human Sims 4

The latest expansion pack for The Sims 4 focuses on Werewolves. Similar to Vampires, Werewolves also come with their own unique gameplay features, including strengths and weaknesses. As a Werewolf, you will gain heightened senses, as well as other supernatural abilities. However, the downside to this is that the Werewolf affliction comes with some noticeable drawbacks. For example, the first time you turn into a Werewolf, you will enter a seemingly uncontrollable rage and won’t know how to turn back into a human again. So what’s the solution here? Well, in this how to turn a Werewolf back into a human in The Sims 4 guide, we’re going to explain how this entire process works.

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How to Turn Werewolf Into Human Sims 4

How to Force Werewolf to Turn Back Into a Human in The Sims 4

After you become a Werewolf, the first time you will turn into a Werewolf, your Sim will enter Rampage mode. While in this mode, the new Werewolf will run around, destroying random objects. This will last until the Werewolf tires themselves out, and will then wake up once again in human form in a random location – often naked. After that, the Werewolf Sim will gain better control over his changing, and will be able to change to and from a Werefolf (usually) at will. Apart from this first transformation where this is guaranteed to happen, Werewolves can also Rampage when their Fury meter is maxed out.

Can You Cure a Werewolf to Make Them Human Again in Sims 4

There are two ways you can cure a Werewolf to make them completely human again in Sims 4. The first method is if you are bit accidentally (not by asking another Werewolf to bite you on purpose) and you contract Werebies. If that is the case, go to the Grimtooth Bar and “Ask for the Werebies Remedy”. The other method requires that you gain the “Lunar Epiphany” ability. You do this by studying Werewolf lore until you find the method to create a cure for this.

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