In Tangled, Where Does Rapunzel First Hide Flynn’s Satchel

If you want to know where does Rapunzel first hide Flynn’s Satchel in Tangled, you’ve come to the right place! The 2010 animated musical adventure fantasy comedy is one of Walt Disney Animation Studios most expensive animated feature film ever made. One of the plot elements of the story is Flynn’s Satchel, which Rapunzel hides several times. However, where does she hides it for the first time? Is it a pot, a hat, a wardrobe, or a bush? Find out the correct answer!

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In Tangled, Where Does Rapunzel First Hide Flynn’s Satchel
In Tangled, Where Does Rapunzel First Hide Flynn’s Satchel (Image Credit: Disney)

Where Does Rapunzel First Hide Flynn’s Satchel In Tangled?

The legendary story of Rapunzel has been reimagined in 2010 by Disney as their animated feature film “Tangled”. There, with his accomplices, the Stabbington Brothers, Flynn Rider plans to break into the palace. The goal is to take the crown of the missing princess. They manage to pull it off, but Flynn’s sarcastic remarks draw the attention of the guards, who start to pursue them. He puts the crown in a satchel. Which will eventually be hidden by Rapunzel. Where will she hide Flynn’s Satchel for the first time? In a:

  • Pot
  • Hat
  • Wardrobe
  • Bush

The correct answer is the pot! Flynn will eventually end up in a mysterious tower where Rapunzel lives. However, she doesn’t know that she’s a princess. Rapunzel hears Flynn’s story of how he came to be in her tower, but before he can finish, she notices that he is missing his satchel. She hits him with her frying pan again and knocks him out cold. He wakes up to find Pascal licking his ear again, much to his dismay. Rapunzel admits that she has his bag and proposes a deal: if he takes her to the kingdom to see the “floating lights” that appear on her birthday every year, and brings her back to the tower safely, she will give him back his bag.

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